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Is the hamburger icon really so bad?

It would have been so easy to finish this article with simply:


But that would have been no fun… Would it?

The internet is awash at the moment with bloggers debating the use of the ubiquitous hamburger menu icon, you know the one – you press it, the menu slides out from the left… Or the right… Or the top. Oh, and it looks .. sorta .. like a...
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PhoneGap and offline storage part 2 - Lawnchair

Late last year I wrote the article PhoneGap and offline storage which was an introduction to using the Web SQL API to store information for your application. The article centred around using the native browser API calls to be able to...
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Introducing GTCMS

A few months ago I wrote the post Your own CMS: Lessons learnt. In that post I discussed in detail the idea behind creating my own CMS, some of the thought processes involved throughout the build and the problems I faced.

That post was written not long...
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Application Development - my journey so far

This is not going to be your usual technical tutorial post or anything related to programming (to an extent)…

A few months ago I released my first ever application for Android devices, horrifically titled “The Rugby League App” – original, huh? The idea was born from frustration of trying to get hold of a comprehensive, easy-to-use and visually appealing app...
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