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07 Sep, 2017 3 min read Server

Blocking Tor exit nodes from your website

I was recently working on a little project that essentially was nothing more than a little data collection form, completely open to the web and theref

02 Apr, 2015 2 min read CakePHP

Quick Tip: CakePHP3 – Custom Configuration Files

Another in the CakePHP3 quick tip series - this time I'm going to explain how you can go about creating your own configuration files - useful when bui

30 Mar, 2015 2 min read CakePHP

Quick Tip: CakePHP3 – Custom Pagination Structure

Another CakePHP3 quick tip today, this time I'll explain how you can tweak the structure for the pagination helper. This is especially helpful for peo

25 Mar, 2015 1 min read CakePHP

Quick Tip: CakePHP3 – Created / Modified columns

Here's the first in a mini-series dedicated to CakePHP3.Remember in CakePHP 2 how we had the handy "created" and "modified" columns on a table, which

21 Aug, 2014 6 min read Industry

Automated testing with NodeJS and Mocha

I'm sure most of the people reading this blog have heard of the term "automated testing" before. Automated testing is exactly what it says on the tin,

26 Jun, 2014 3 min read Debate

Is the hamburger icon really so bad?

It would have been so easy to finish this article with simply: No. But that would have been no fun… Would it? The internet is awash at the mo

06 May, 2014 5 min read Local Storage

PhoneGap and offline storage part 2 – Lawnchair

Late last year I wrote the article PhoneGap and offline storage which was an introduction to using the Web SQL API to store information for your appli

23 Feb, 2014 2 min read Industry

Introducing GTCMS

A few months ago I wrote the post Your own CMS: Lessons learnt. In that post I discussed in detail the idea behind creating my own CMS, some of the th

09 Feb, 2014 5 min read Industry

Application Development – my journey so far

This is not going to be your usual technical tutorial post or anything related to programming (to an extent)… A few months ago I released my fi

03 Dec, 2013 4 min read Laravel

Laravel queues with beanstalkd

I’ve recently spent some time toying with Laravel and using Beanstalkd to run a queue system, in this mini tutorial I’m going to show you